Surviving lockdown as a London based chef and looking forward to the summer!

Meet Sarah, one of London's hottest chefs, cookery writers, recipe developers and is quickly breaking onto the food styling scene.

We got a chance to chat to Sarah this week about her favourite Spring recipes, secrets to the best banana bread and whether ‘Below Deck’ is really an accurate portrayal of life as a yacht worker!

In her own word, Sarah is “always hungry and never full!” which naturally led her to pursue a career in food!

“My work has taken me around the world, cooking at the tops of mountains and through storms at sea. Now London based, I work on writing, developing and styling recipes. I’ve worked on a variety of commercial and editorial projects. I continue to cook privately and am proud of my lockdown creation; The Remote Supper Club!”

Take a look at our full interview below!

What made you become a chef?

It might be an obvious one but, I love to eat! Once I was old enough to be able to base my life around the thing I loved, becoming a chef seemed like a no brainer! I continue to find immense joy and satisfaction in the work that I do, as it brings people together and makes people happy.

Coming into Spring, what fresh ingredients are you mainly going to be cooking with?

There’s lots of greenery coming into season- spinach, artichokes, asparagus and broad beans to list a few. This is the turning point where I begin to cook lots of light suppers consisting of different types of salads and plenty of veg.

Can you recommend a canapé for when we can start socialising again? And a cocktail to accompany these?

One of my favourite canapés is a salty and sweet skewer made up of feta, watermelon and mint - really yummy when accompanied with a classic gin and tonic! I’d like to suggest though, upgrading your gin and tonic to a Gin Mare, flavoured with a sprig of fresh rosemary, cracked black pepper and a squeeze of lemon

How have you found the banana bread and sourdough baking during lockdown?

I took the opportunity in lockdown to jump onto the sourdough band wagon as I wanted to learn a new skill and have never had time to commit to the process in the past.

Banana bread has always been a great way to use up old bananas so I started experimenting by adding chocolate, nuts and other fruits to the mix and then passing these recipes onto friends!

How have you kept fit during the last year of Lockdown? Have you enjoyed any specific exercise online classes?

I adore hot yoga and miss it very much, but have downloaded plenty of yoga apps. to help me maintain my strength and flexibility. I also run and have found setting myself goals and joining online communities such as Strava to be very helpful.

And very quickly, we know you were a chef on a superyacht. Is it really like Below Deck?

Haha! Yes, certain aspects of the show have been dramatized for your entertainment purposes, but ultimately the different job roles, positions of hierarchy, guest demands etc are fairly accurate. Keep your work life separate from your personal and it should be smooth sailing!

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