Meet the Olivia and Oliver Team

We have loved developing and growing Olivia and Oliver, we thought it was time to introduce ourselves.

Miranda Spencer - The Founder and CO-CEO

While working in the fitness industry in London, I took the plunge into establishing Olivia and Oliver, whilst pregnant with my first child. Otis is now 13 weeks old and the new CEO; he takes up most of my time tending to his every demand. I re-trained as a personal trainer after twelve years of battling with a variety of different health complications, one of which left me in a hospital intensive care unit for 2 months, a fit body could get me through anything. I advocate that you can benefit positively from improving your fitness because it can change your life for the better in so many ways.

Growing up in country, I wanted to ensure that I could produce these mats in an eco-friendly and sustainable. I also love colour and wanted to make sure there was a shade for everyone and lots of choice for the embroidery. I truly believe in the product and hope you love them as much as I do.

I now spend my days running around looking after Otis, training clients on zoom normally with a bottle full of milk in one hand and session plan in the other, then every other second working on Olivia and Oliver. My other sidekick is our beloved cat Bolt, between both and the company we are a very busy little household.

During this lockdown, my husband and I have put our thinking caps on and developed Little Olivia and Oliver to try and get children back to school, giving parents a little more piece of mind for their health and safety.

Otis Spencer - Our Other CEO

As CEO of a growing business, I spend my days ordering my parents around, always wanting new clean outfits to look my best and demanding constant attention. I conduct my board meetings in the bath with rubber ducks present. We enjoy long business discussions at 3am when I have the best thoughts and can’t possibly let my parents sleep without imposing my wisdom. I very much love the eco-friendly tissue paper that our mats are wrapped in and enjoy the crunching sound while playing with it. I also find mummy’s mat is a lovely place for playtime and frequently I use it as an emergency changing mat.

Jack Spencer - COO

The husband, the father, the marathon runner, having a full-time job – the Jack of all trades! I work for a cyber security based in London, which takes up 90 per cent of my time. The rest of the time I help with Otis as much as possible, entertain our cat Bolt (he will be pleased that he is now mentioned in both bios 😊) and try to fit in a few runs here and there.

Olivia and Oliver is our true first child. Miranda and I both love fitness, lead healthy lifestyles and both live for the outdoors and protecting the environment we live in. Without sounding too cliché, I love my mat not only as it is one of the first that we produced but also because it is a joy to look at it when I stretch, foam roll or do a quick at home HIIT class. I am currently on my way back from an injury but will be hoping to take part in another marathon towards the end of 2021 and maybe carrying Otis across the finish line with me.

Charlott Haarhuis - Head of Marketing

After studying law at university and qualifying as a New York attorney, I moved to London for work. Throughout this time, I have always pursued fitness as a hobby and as a way of relaxing and distressing from the pressures of daily life. At the moment, I’m particularly enjoying cycling, yoga and training for my second marathon.

Since moving to London, I set myself a goal of trying as many different types of workouts from a range of studios and gyms around the city as possible. Whilst lockdown has changed this, I’ve committed to online workout classes to keep myself motivated. During the past year, I’ve also discovered the benefits of meditation and importance of mindfulness.

As a self-proclaimed eco-warrior, I jumped at the chance to join the Olivia & Oliver team. Olivia & Oliver is a sustainable and planet-friendly business, which strives to make the world a better place one yoga mat at a time!

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