How to save the planet whilst exercising

We all know exercising is good for the mind, body and soul, but have you ever stopped to think about the wider impact of your training?

From plastic water bottles, gym vending machines and lengthy post-workout showers, your exercise routine can seriously add to your carbon footprint. But, by incorporating sustainable alternatives into your workout, you’ll be able to stay fit and healthy, whilst protecting the planet!

To help, we’ve listed a few ideas you can use to make your exercise routine more eco-friendly. These may seem like small and insignificant changes but together they add up. And if we all incorporate these small changes into our daily lives, together we can make the world a better place for future generations!

Try Alternative Gyms!

Where you workout can have a big impact on the environment. Unfortunately, gyms use huge amounts of electricity and water, which is often wasted. From the hundreds of treadmills, TVs, lights and speakers that are constantly plugged in, to the vending machines serving plastic water bottles, gyms can have a very harmful impact on the planet.

However, eco friendly spaces designed for working out are becoming increasingly popular. In London, places like Terra Hale have studios made almost entirely from recycled materials. Their cycling classes also use the electricity generated by the bikes to power lights! Not only that, but they also sell excess electricity back to the grid!!

Sustainable workout gear

We understand that finding the right clothing is essential for a great workout, but your exercise gear could be causing a lot of harm to the environment! Traditionally, activewear is created using synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and spandex, all of which are non-biodegradable and require huge amounts of energy to produce.

Thankfully, many big brands including Nike and Reebok are now launching sustainable lines of clothing. Smaller brands like Nimble Activewear and Bamboo Clothing also focus on creating sustainable activewear for all. So next time you’re shopping for that new running top, make sure you check out these greener clothing options!

Your commute to the gym

When possible, walk or cycle to the gym! Taking an extra trip out by car or train, to specifically head to the gym causes unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Or, go even further and skip the gym altogether! Why not try a homework instead? Not only is this more sustainable, it’ll also saves you time and money! And there are so many great Youtube workout videos to try!

If you’re slightly overwhelmed by the amount of choice online, we recommend the following:

Yoga with Adrianne

Mad Fit


Ditch the plastic bottle

Don’t leave your house without your water bottle!! Hydrating throughout your workout is key, but as we all know plastic water bottles are very harmful for the environment.

Instead, invest in a re-usable BPA-free material bottle that’s big enough to last your whole workout - better for you and the environment!

If you’re still looking for a reliable water bottle, here are some of our favourite brands:

Rockay Water bottle

Takeya Water bottle

Buntu Bottle

Sustainable Snacks!

Fuelling your workout is essential for maintaining progress! From protein bars to energy gels, getting the right food in you is key for ensuring that you’re well fuelled. Unfortunately, the majority of these snacks are wrapped in plastic- great for when you’re on the go but not so great for the environment!

Where possible, bulk buy your snacks in advance to cut down on plastic. Or, try making your own protein bars. BBC Good Food and Minimalist Baker have some great recipes for healthy energy bars to try!

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