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Our Story

Established in 2020, Olivia and Oliver, is a lifestyle brand with a mission to make eco-sensitive, personalised yoga/pilates mats that are accessible to all.
Our mats provide your everyday practice with high-quality comfort. Better for you. Better for the environment! The reasoning behind the personalisation is to be able to distinguish your mat, with hygiene being more important than ever and with all embroidering taking place in the UK, we are supporting British based businesses.
They make the perfect product to buy as a unique present or just for yourself. Our 4.55mm non-slip, lightweight mats are manufactured for comfort, providing you with sufficient cushioning during your workouts.

Our Founder

While working in the fitness industry in London, I took the plunge into establishing Olivia and Oliver, whilst pregnant with my first child. I retrained as a personal trainer after twelve years of battling with a variety of different health complications, one of which left me in a hospital intensive care unit for 2 months. After getting through this, I managed to regain my fitness and well-being with a mindset of strongly believing that a fit body could get me through anything. I advocate that you can benefit positively from improving your fitness, which can change your life for the better in so many ways.
Growing up in counties, such as Somerset, Hampshire and Sussex, meant that I have always loved being outside and have a true appreciation for our natural environment. Therefore, I wanted to ensure that I could produce these mats in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. I love colour and wanted to make sure there was a shade there for everyone and lots of choice of the different colours to embroidery. Not only are these mats eco-friendly I want them to be loved and enjoyed so they are easy to travel with and practical. I truly believe in the product and hope you love them as much as I do.
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